Thursday’s Piquette Avenue presentation

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Thursday’s Piquette Avenue presentation

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Many thanks to Steve Shotwell, President of the Piquette BOD, along with several other Piquette friends and board members for this virtual description of future developments at FMC Piquette Avenue Plant.

Steve enthusiastically agreed to give a virtual talk to our early Ford and Friends Thursday afternoon Virtual Happy Hour group. We used Zoom as our platform. The meeting is recorded, and available on the Dropbox link below if anyone is interested. It’s an hour and half of great information about the future of Piquette, and expansion efforts Steve, Barry, and the Piquette staff and helpers are working on. We had many EFR, MTFCA and MTFCI members as well as HCCA and AACA members on the meeting.

If you watch the video, I hope you enjoy it, and appreciate the wonderful efforts Steve and the staff are making to promote Ford Motor Company’s early history.

Video Link: ... M.MP4?dl=0

Stills from the video:

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Re: Thursday’s Piquette Avenue presentation

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Thanks for the drop box link, with update on Piquette...

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