Old Photo- Model F Ford

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Old Photo- Model F Ford

Post by HerbIffrig »

Model F ford.JPG
At least Dave thought it might be one.

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Re: Old Photo- Model F Ford

Post by cudaman »

Enhanced contrast, then zoomed in on the car. :)
Model F ford 2.JPG
Model F ford 1.JPG

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Re: Old Photo- Model F Ford

Post by ddunlavy »

Couple of things look wrong.
Steering wheel column too vertical.
Hood looks too long and low.
I still won't bet too much money on what year, make or model.
Happy Mothers Day to all.

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Re: Old Photo- Model F Ford

Post by Roger Byrne »

To me, it looks like a Queen Model E probubly 1904-05.


1905 Queen.jpg
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