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Posting pictures

Post by ddunlavy » Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:23 pm

This is a test message to test pictures.
Click on the Attachments tab below the message section.
I just dragged the picture and dropped it on the message section of the form.
Then I put the flashing vertical bar (cursor) where the picture should be displayed (like at the left side of the page).
Click on the "Place inline" box in the Attachment section.
There is a place to make a file comment as I did in the second picture.
I'm not sure of the maximum size you can post but 650 k is a petty large size.
The picture below is 380 k.
The picture below is 643 k.
This was taken at the Finish line of the New London New Brighton Run in 2016. Herb Iffrig was co-pilot and Jeff Fries was in the back seat. Bubba Dave was driving at the time.

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