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Post by bvansloun » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:01 pm

Now that the touring season is winding up, I find that I need to think about putting some new tires on the Model S. It looks like I have two choices, a ribbed design from Universal for $170 a tire or an Excelsior tread from Coker for $179. I've got Excelsiors on now. Has anyone run the ribbed tires? Any thoughts? I understand that the ribbed tires date back to 1909, according to Universal, I'm not sure when the Excelsior pattern came out. It would be nice to know how these compare on wear and traction.

This will make tires number 19 and 20 in the last six months. It's not been a good year for tires, 4 new ones on the truck, 5 new ones for the trailer (after losing 3 on the trip back from Dearborn) and new tires on a couple of the daily drivers.

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Re: Tires

Post by p.schaefer » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:05 pm

Bruce, I run the Excelsiors on my Brush, they wear well and I like the tread pattern. On my model S I run Firestone tires. They wear good but are not available in 28 x 3 size. Universal ribbed seem to wear well but have not used any of the current ones, mine are over 30 yrs old

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