L D R. Run

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L D R. Run

Post by p.schaefer » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:41 am

38 cars started the L D R. E F R members Rick Lidner,08 S R Ford, Bruce VanSloan. 08 S runabout, John Forstner's 08 S runabout, and Ross McTavish 03 A runabout , and Paul Schaefer I have to admit the threat of rain made choose my 09 Brush over my SR Ford, all members cars made it to Okemos this evening. It was a cool fall like day and the rain did come this afternoon. I had to convince myself and my friend Pat that this is what we call fun. Arrived at app. 5:00 with soggy clothes and the sense of accomplishment. This is the 28th LDR I have completed. It is great fun and hope to see more early Fords on future runs. I will update return run tomorrow.

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Re: L D R. Run

Post by OLDTGUY » Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:54 am

Hi Paul, Thanks for the update and good luck to everyone on the run.
John Jonas

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Re: L D R. Run

Post by bvansloun » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:22 pm

Paul doesn't do the rain justice. It rained. It rained hard. It rained frogs. Thankfully we were not one of the many open cars, we had a top, windfront and side curtains so we managed to stay perfectly dry. Two cars didn't make the run out, a Bugatti went out early with 'poor running' and a Brush went out with a cracked radiator. On the way back, we lost two more cars, another Bush that was running poorly, (I think that it was gas problems because they eventually cleared it up for OCF) and a two cylinder Moline suffered a catastrophic engine failure. We were watching it pull away from a stop and it went BANG! A clatter of parts were dropped on the parking lot and a bucket of coolant. They coasted on and I walked over and picked up a palm sized hunk of cast iron. I turned it over and there was a spark plug sticking out. The top of the combustion chamber blew right off.

The return run was dry.

As to my run, I broke a brake rod. The same brake rod I broke TWICE last year. I'm runnign T lined brake shoes so I use the wheel brakes rather than the transmission brake, it's a lot easier on expensive parts. One of the trouble truck drivers brought the brake rod home and welded it up so I was able to use the wheel brakes on the return trip. Clearly the metal has crystallized or become brittle over the years. I am thinking that the long unsupported span allows it to vibrate which may have caused it to work harden. In any case, I'll be sacrificing originality and making up a new one. A fender iron also broke. All this vibration is hard on stuff.

Lansing Dearborn is great fun as is Old Car Festival. Because they screwed up OCF and had to back-peddle, the car count was down some, a nice thing when you're trying to drive around in the village. Lots of Ts and late Model As.

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