Early Ford Registry

President Paul Schaefer I have been involved with old cars since I was young. My father began collecting old cars in the 40’s. The collection began with a 1911 overland roadster that was purchased new the Priest at our Church. A 1908 Ford purchased in 1947 from a local Ford dealer. The car was on display in their showroom during the war. A 1909 Brush runabout purchased from the original owner in 1948. I have since added 2 more Brush autos, a 1914 Model T Ford, 1921 Studebaker, 1947 Willys Jeep, and a couple of antique tractors and hit and miss engines. My wife and I began touring in 1990. We have been on several New London to New Brighton runs, several 1- and 2-cylinder car tours. I have done the Lansing to Dearborn run 22 consecutive times. We have been on both Early Ford Registry tours. I enjoy driving and working on old cars. My feeling is they are meant to be driven. We really do not own the cars; we are caretakers for a piece of history. I hope that they can be passed on to future generations to enjoy and drive. I am fortunate that all my children and their spouses enjoy old cars. I have enjoyed serving on the Board of the Early Ford Registry and hope I have been able to help others to make their cars live again.

Vice-President Herb Iffrig has a 1903 Model A Ford project car. I enjoy the old Ford forums on the internet and like to make new friends in the hobby. I have been to the prewar swap meet in Chickasha several times. Also, I have been a rider on several of the New London to New Brighton Grand Runs in Minnesota and look forward to being able to drive my own car in the run. At all of these events, I look forward to meeting other people who are interested in the hobby and learning from them.

Secretary - Treasurer Rick Lindner of Columbus OH. Rick has several old Fords and was on the Board of Directors of the T-Plex (First Ford build plant - Piquette Plant).

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