Transmission Details

June 24, 2005  Transmission bands adjusted. Made cover for top to keep feet oil free somewhat.

March 25, 2005  Picked up the output shaft from MidCity Machine in LaCrosse. This is the last major part of the transmission required.  Now we'll finish some of the pieces and assemble.

March 3, 2005  Tranny parts are almost done. Machinist is finishing output shaft this week.
If you think the high speed spider looks beautiful, you are right! The other work our machinist did is equally nice. Oiler acme shaft is ready to be installed and final cleanup done on oiler and testing. The site glass had to be replaced. Thanks to Roger Byrne, that task was done.
Water pump parts short - Glen Rand to send packing nut this week. There is a lot more work to be done on it.
Engine will be picked up in a day or so. Photos here when available.

December 23, 2004

When I started this project, I had an original transmission frame that had been welded up and some very broken drums. I traded the frame and purchased a new frame from Floyd Jaehnert.  He has made quite a few new parts for the transmission including drums and main shafts. I made arrangements to have the gears manufactured and turned that over to Floyd. As you will read, I had to have many other parts made in one-of-a-kind lots.  Many of these parts may be made by the same machinists if you are interested.  As I continue to the final assembly, I'll add entries like a diary here.

Here are two pages from the 1908 Ford manual that Glen Rand sent me.

Transmission - page 32 from Ford Manual           Transmission - page 33 from Ford Manual

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