The Mission...

The Mission changes as the years pass.

End of the 2013 Touring Season.
New E&J 366's installed.
Jeff Fries and I drove the EFR Paynesville Tour and NLNB (almost all the miles were driven by Jeff).
Total for the season over 400 miles.

This is the start of the 2010 Touring Season.
We have no plans to take the Model S on any long tours this year as work is concentrated on the "New" Model F.
We will take the Model S to the Eastern Star Home monthly for "show and tell".
Next year, if plans work out, we will take both cars to the NLNB Antique Car Run. Son-in-law, Joe, has expressed an interest in driving an old car.
What's to fix this year?
New E&J 366's have been ordered and should arrive in October. They will require new mounts on the frame.
The side lights rattle a lot - plan to silicone the glasses in them.
That is about all.

We are getting ready for the 2006 Touring season.
Some of the items that need fixing or completing are:
Broken rear cross member.
Springs are NFG (Not Functioning Good) - must redo.
Caster not set right.
Need hood and hood support built.
Not satisfied with paint job on fenders and splash aprons.
Need to build front wind screen.
Do a little rework on crankcase breather
Install leather straps on Mother-in-law seat.
Finish running boards with cover and brass trim.
Install Side lights with brackets.
Find and install horn with bracket.
Remove license plates and carry them in car.
Rework muffler - paint - pack front nut.

First deadline would be Memorial Day Parade.

We crossed the finish line at NLNB Saturday on our own power!! We had 120 miles on the car when starting the run. We drove it 252 miles during the run. For more details look at the photos I've posted on The Early Ford Registry website.
The complete restoration of this car is on-going. We do need a hood and lights and a windscreen and etc, etc.

(Continuing the old story)...
is to restore a 1908 Ford Model S Roadster.  I want to drive the car in the annual New London New Brighton Run in Minnesota. The 19th annual run is Saturday, August 13th this year. There are several days of warm-up tours starting Wednesday.  My experience restoring old cars has taught me, it is best to have as many miles on the car as possible before the run.  I'd like to have 500 miles on the car before the tour.  It should be possible to drive that distance in one month. Therefore, the car should be finished by mid July.

As I write this, it is nearly April 1. All major parts have been collected. The chassis has been painted and is being reassembled now. The original plan was to have the running chassis done by January 1, 2005. Delays on the engine and transmission parts prevented this from being done. The body has been totally disassembled and is now in primer. The seats and top will be taken to the upholsterer about April 15th. His estimate to complete is 6 weeks to 2 months - making them available no later than June 15th.  Baring unforeseen mechanical or health problems, we should be able to complete the schedule, on time.

It Runs! - The engine was started and ran June 22, 2005. Shortly after starting the engine, I drove it around the shop building. Basically, we are 6 months and 20 some days behind schedule. DOT has sent forms for title and bond received 6/24/02. Hope to have a title and license soon!

There are several parades and shows this summer we will try to fit into the schedule. After this year, we plan to continue to drive the car several hundred miles per year. Unlike the 1910 Model T Ford we restored, I am planning to keep this car in the family.

This is a photo of Trent Boggess' 1908 Ford Model S Roadster.

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