Bev and I took our 1910 Model T on The Tour of the Century in 1996. We also drove the New London New Brighton Run in Minnesota that year. There was a special rule that year allowing 1910 cars to participate. Normally, the NLNB Run requires a four cylinder 1908 or earlier car or a two cylinder 1915 or earlier. After looking at early Fords (1906-1908 N - R - S models), I decided they were strong enough to tour.

We bought the car from Homer Edmiston near Gretna, NE. It was a fairly complete car but in pieces. I decided not to use the radiator, fenders, and transmission.  New fenders, radiator and transmission pieces were purchased several years ago. Work started on restoring the parts a couple of years ago. Details of the restoration of each system of the car can be found under that menu choice.

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