Engine Details

This series of pictures was taken to help explain the routing of the high tension and low tension wires from the TruFire Coil. The two white wires at the bottom the the firewall go from the hot side of the 12 volt batteries to the Heinz Switch. They have quick disconnect connecters inline because we had to remove the body to get the springs setup correctly. As you can see the low tension wires are rum through an early "T" type loom.
Special tool to tighten left hand packing nut on water pump. This was made from a piece of emt (electrical conduit). Works good.
Water Punp packing nut tool
Crude but effective Valve Cover Nut tools. Need 1 for plug nut and 1 for non-plug nut.

Works well - an "X" tool would be better.
Start of 2007 season - removed front cover plate - oil level was at top of overflow drain.
Reomved overflow drain and measured.
Removed drain plus and cleaned out sump.
Sucked dirty oil from rear sump also and cleaned rod dippers.
Sump after cleaning. Put 3/4 quart of oil in crankcase. Measured what had drained at 24 oz. Purty close to what I put back in. Remember, I am running billet rods, so I'd probably run a quart to start with if I had Henry's rods.
The crankshaft rotated until rod was at the bottom it's stroke. It's just in the oil.
12/5/2005  Original Carby - Holly Bros. Inc. Detroit Mich. Patented May 12, 08

6/22/2005  Coil box stained/varnished. Steering done. Seat riser installed.

6/9/2005  Working on Electrical, fuel, cooling.

5/14/2005  First load of oil installed. 1 1/2 qts.

2 quarts to top of drain pipe - drain pipe about 1 3/4" tall now.

Flywheel in place, crank works, water pump assembled.

Received water pump outlet nut from Glen Rand. Found 3/4" OD copper - ready to shape.

Installed crankcase vent/Oil filler

Body on frame

5/14/2005  Bands made & installed. Tranny installed. Ready to reinstall in frame.

4/29/2005  Oiler put together and started testing.
Coilbox wired and resdy to mount on firewall for testing before final finsh applied.
Engine block ready for transmission to be attached.

5/3/2005  Comutator installed on shortened camshaft.

4/30/2005  Engine front bearing plate needs hole for oil from oiler.

4/30/2005  When putting comutator on, found cam a bit short.
Stay Tuned...

4/20/2005  Work continues - need 6 ea 3/8" by 20tpi bolts for the output shaft of the tranny.
Sorry, they are not available - - anywhere!  Got 'em now!

Yeah, I know these belong with the tranny pix but I'm tired!

Got the broken water outlet out and new ones installed.

Jeff Fries painted the S engine, 3 Lizard heads while on vacation here.
I painted these parts last night with Kano's Weatherproof - Great Stuff!.

3/4/2005  Now that's what I like - on schedule - at least a schedule made yesterday!
The engine was picked up from Automotive Engineering Co. in Ely today by Steve and I.
Skip Frey machinist on left, John Wolf owner on the right.
Sure looks good - now let's get it running.

3/3/2005  Tranny parts are almost done. Machinist is finishing output shaft this week.
If you think the high speed spider looks beautiful, you are right! The other work our machinist did is equally nice. Oiler acme shaft is ready to be installed and final cleanup done on oiler and testing. The site glass had to be replaced. Thanks to Roger Byrne, that task was done.
Water pump parts short - Glen Rand to send packing nut this week. There is a lot more work to be done on it.
Engine will be picked up in a day or so. Photos here when available.

June 23, 2004

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