The Crew


Bev, my wife.

She does a lot more that I probably realize.  She listens as I detail plans and activities. She keeps me from forgetting trivial details - - like when to eat, sleep and pay bills. She also keeps the fridge and pantry in the shop full for the guy's (and me).

She believes - - I think of nothing else but this project.....

Steve Weidner,  Friend and Fellow Car Nut

Owns Allamakee Custom & Restoration in Waukon                  Phone 563.568.4246           Cell 608.386.0010                              Email    web site


Lowell VanHorn, Friend and Master Craftsman

Does wood work, anything mechanical and brainstorms with me. Keeps me from making too many mistakes.


Lucas Keune is a Sophomore in High School.

He is learning everything we do in the shop. He is a really good kid and eager to learn. He has already learned how to eat - he likes snacks. Polishing brass is not a favorite. (No brass polishing for him for the forseeable future as he broke his little finger playing baseball.)

Brandon Holthaus has moved on but has not been forgotten.

After graduating from High School he attended NASCAR Technical Institute near Charlotte NC and graduated successfully. He is now working at Butler Built Seats in Concord, NC   I am very proud of Brandon already and who knows he may become a NASCAR star someday!!


Morgan McP is our latest trainee.

We have started her, as we do all new workers, by teaching her the Art of Brass Polishing. She seems to enjoy the Art and is learning quickly.  Next will be LOF (Lube, Oil, Filters).

(Updated Monday, April 11, 2005)
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