Chassis Details...
April 6, 2006  - Steve and I reshaped rear fender mounts and remounted fenders. We used wire shaped forms to make templates.

January 2, 2006  - Weighted body, loaded weight on chassis and measured fender clearances.
after installing new front spring and rebuilt 6 leaf springs in rear.
Notice position of oiler in front spring with and without weights.

December 26, 2005  - Removed top and body. Repaired (plated) rear cross member.

June 24, 2005  - Chassis was driven around shop building on June 22nd. Lucas broke little finger about 2 weeks ago. He has had the joint area pinned and is in a solid cast now.

April 26, 2005  - Diffy removed to pull engine to install transmission

April 5, 2005  - Engine/Tranny frame is chassis - shift/brake levers also

March 25, 2005 - Front wheels on with first pieces of Brass ready to polish

3/23/2005   - Slight change in plans - Starting to see red!

1/28/2005   Believe it or not, some work has been done even tho' I spent some time visiting Dr Mayo.
Found a machine shop to make some tranny parts. Should have a spider and pressure plates by next weekend. I'll take the drums and gears to the shop and will work with the machinist to get them mounted. The rear output shaft will then have to be made and we're ready to put the center section together.
No good word from the engine builder. He didn't fire the rod builder like I told him to do. So we are still waiting for rods. Don't expect to see complete engine for a couple of weeks at best.
Floorboards are cut and finished. Steering column is loose assembled and looks pretty good.

1/1/2005  Happy New Year!!
Yes, I didn't get to drive the chassis around the building as planned.

12/31/2004   Finely got wishbone finished and a whole bunch of parts etch primed.

November 17, 2004
The differential has been sealed and filled with 85-140.
It seems to run quiet and has very little slop in any direction.

11/02/2004   Received wheels from George Garrigan, The Vintage Wheel Shop (209.533.0458)
New tires are here - I have 2 extra new 30x3 Commanders available for sale

October 11, 2004

10/17/2004 Diffy bolted together & sealed. Kinda tight so will run-in.

October 15, 2004

8/27/2004 Shaped fender irons. Fit Fenders, running boards, radiator. Splash aprons very poor fit.
Steve took them to his shop to rebend and take an inch and a half of material out.

August 6, 2004 Front fender brackets done, not bent. Seats stripped. Front axle mounted.
Kingpins done, used Model T with bushings.

7/30/2004 Frame finish truing, deburred and self-etch & epoxy prime. Body paint stripped with torch.
Front spring Slip-plated, assembled, test fit. Front axle & spindles king pin work.
Took Xmission lead-in shaft to Ely. Front/rear fender brackets started.

7/21/2004 Frame has running board brackets installed.
Fenders primed. Frame straightened, cracks welded, relieved, riveted.
Rear springs assembled. New bolts made. Pretty good week. Body put on rotisserie.

July 14, 2004

7/15/2004 Lots of stuff to report - Steve has something to work with now.
The new front cross members have arrived from the machine shop.
They are right and beautiful! Wheels have been shipped to Vintage Wheel Shop in Calif.
Engine is at John Wolf's Automotive Engineering Co in famous Ely, Iowa.

3/14/2004 First look at New Front Cross Member
These are available immediately in this 'raw' or finished (softened & primed) form

December 10, 2003

December 28, 2003