Body Details

July 14 2007   Took out Hood stiffeners, reworked metal
Acid etch, reinstalled stiffeners, epoxy primed.
Also reworked one hinge. Getting close to turn it red.

May 29 2006   Body back on this time with the new hood (bonnet)
Scheduled for windscreen June 7th.
(Drives like a dream - the caster is correct!)

July 24 2005   Seat and top installed. (fog caused by humidity outside and I didn't notice it!.

July 8, 2005   Sprayed cowl with etch primer and urethane primer surfacer.

July 6, 2005   Trip to Tim's Upholstery to fix buggy rail by shortening top rests.
Floyd Jaehnert checks straightness of rest before welding.

July 5, 2005   Steve and Dave make cowling and install.

July 1st, 2005   Progress in spite of all vendors!! Left fenders painted red.

This is the work... Sanding guide coat - and sanding, and sanding...
Cowl mockup.

Floorboards look especially nice - wish I had the parking brake lock made...

And now - - a look at what it takes to make a real nice paint job... (You are looking at real dollars)

Including a fresh air mask and flannel shirt...

Then there's the real incentive - - - the carrot on the stick!!..

June 27, 2005   Forget about Tim's Upholstery - re scheduled to July 6th

June 24, 2005   Tim's Upholstery sez seats will be done June 28th (Bev & my Anniversary) - Stay tuned.

Details of Bike Speedometer - Wish it didn't reset every time I start engine!!

June 11, 2005   A look at the work done on the seats and top.

June 9, 2005   Found the front seat riser not tall enough. Lowell made added piece to install.

June 9, 2005   

May 27, 2005   Body sitting on frame.

May 20, 2005   Took top bow up to Tim's Upholstery - got progress report.

May 14, 2005    Batteries in situ. Top jigged fine business.

Body Details
April 29, 2005   
Firewall gets married to body.

April 14, 2005   
Steve loves his new small part gun - works fine on the seats also

April 14, 2005   
Seats painted and off to the upholsterer

January 28, 2005   
Steve tests the steering column he just finished restoring.


1/1/2005  Happy New Year!!  Yes, I didn't get to drive the chassis around the building as planned.

11/17/2004  Lowell helped install firewall and reconnect the top and bottom of the body.

10/30/2004 Lowell finished bottom body parts - Looks Great!
All wood is being painted with Kwik-Poly before gray epoxy prime.

9/30/2004 Worked on splash aprons, fenders, irons. Got eye bolts for fenders. Cut and mounted running boards. Wheels are being started. Jugs cleaned at 40 over, crank done. John Wolf starting line bore operation.

August 6, 2004

July 21, 2004

July 21, 2004