New London New Brighton Run 2008
August 10, 2008, photos from Irvin Haisch
(Irv completed the run successfully the first time he tried).

Note from Irv: "We had a great time at the car run and hope to make it back next year.
Got home safe and hope you did also.
I was running wounded toward the end and wasn't sure I would make it.
Looks like my breather might have helped.
I drove about 150 miles and I don't think any oil came out of the breather.
The rag was 4 layers thick and did get a little oil on it."

Photos from Dave Dunlavy. (Yes, that's E85 - saved $.60/gal!)

August 8, 2008 - These photos are unedited.
These photos taken by Rob Heyen and Dave Dunlavy.

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