New London New Brighton Run 2005
August 10-13, 2005 - These photos are unedited.

New Member Les Schubert from Calgary AB repairs a gas tank for Dave Proctor's 1904 Ramber.
Left to Right - 1908 S Roadster (Dunlavy), 1908 S Roadster (Jahnert), 1906 N (Darling)

President Floyd and Carol get ready to crank it up.

Richard Darling and his 1906 N.

Floyd and Richard listen to Dave explain how to run an engine on dollar bills.

An additional S Roadster joins the group on the left - The car is for sale - (call Floyd).

These fine photos are from Wayne Atkinson.

Duane Schlomann is visiting with Dave and Bev Dunlavy.

Carol and Floyd Jaehnert and their 1908 S Roadster.

(Updated August 14, 2005)
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