London Brighton Run 2008
S everal EFR members and their families participated in this year's run.
They were Joy & John Biggs, Lesley & Chris Teuton, Margarette & Chris Lawson,
Sue & Martin Waller, Floyd Jaehnert and Dave Dunlavy.

Words can not describe what it's like to be with five hundred 1904 and earlier cars
driving 60 miles as they have done 75 times since 1896.
Here are unedited pictures of the event - more story later.
Mike (a friend of John's), Floyd and John get the Model C ready.
Before sunrise Sue and Martin Waller are bundled up and ready to run.

The first car is a coal burning steam engine. Better pictures of it are at the Finish Line.


Rest Stop at G where thousands of people looked the cars over.


Many places along the way people gathered and partied as we drove by.

At Brighton, we drove through a park and got "punched in" - officially completing the Run and qualifying for a Medal.

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