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December 22, 2009

March 4, 2009
Details of Model C Crankcase vent

And oiler flow control

January 30, 2009
Model C Ford Tonneau
The side entrance tonneau is on the floor behind the car. Production records indicate the car came into existance December 23, 1904.
I am the third owner of the car. I bought it in 2002, the previous family (Brewer) bought it about 1908 from the original owner (Patterson). It was on the same farm from 1908 to 2002.
The factory paint is still intact on the seat & under the right light is Brewster Green with a double gold pin stripe The chassis is yellow over red in some places. The Canadian car chassis were offered in both colors.
I have done considerable preservation work to stop further deterioration but every effort is being made to retain the original integrity of the car. The wood has been sealed with a clear sealer & the steel, in many places has been treated with tannic acid then a wax-oil preservative applied. This is similar to a museological conservation process commonly used on armor, weapons, etc.
The car runs & drives well & I hope to use it a bit this summer.
This is my oldest Ford but it shares space with a 1905 Cadillac F, 1906 Cadillac K, 1909 Brush B, 1911 Cadillac 30, 1914 Ford T, 1915 Maxwell roadster and some newer vehicles.

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