John Darlow

July 4, 2010
From Simon Meakin, "Attached are some pictures of John Darlows 1904 Model C (BM99), the other car with the red wheels & the surry top also used to belong to john but was sold about 10 years ago and now resides in the private ford collection in holland. BM 99 is a regular entrant in the london to brighton each year."
John is a very good friend of mine & I carry out all the work on the car that is required, I only have model T's in my stable !!."
"Just to give you some more info on John Darlows BM99 Model C. The car was owned by Percival Perry, the first chairman of Ford UK. He presented the car to Bedford Autocar in the 20ís for selling the most Model Tís of all the Ford dealers in a given year. The wings (sorry, fenders !) and running boards we know are incorrect but there is a picture of this very car in a 1927 edition of Ford Times (the uk edition) with these on the car.

May 1, 2009

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