Trent Boggess

February 15, 2007
They were taken at Cecil Ralston’s (sp?) in Groover, Texas in March 2005 by Steve Coniff. These radiators, while in very poor condition, represent the two most common styles of early 1906 Model N radiators. Note the honeycomb style radiator. My understanding is that this radiator is a Whitlock Cellular Core radiator. This same style can be seen in the line up of 1906 Model N chassis being assembled on the third floor of Piquette. The best estimate of when that picture was taken that I have run across is November 1906.

The strange round tube radiator is also shown in the right hand photograph of an early Model N on David Aschbacher’s photos page. Also note the funny looking radiator neck and cap in David’s photos. This is the so-called “light bulb thread” radiator cap because it supposedly (I’ve never actually seen one up close and personal) has threads that resemble those on a modern incandescent light bulb.
2004 - Trent's Model S

July 28, 2001
Trent's Model N in Detroit plus other cars at the Piquette Plant Dedication

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